Upcoming News and Events

I have some fun news! I will be starting a weekly live stream on Thursdays with the ladies from Girlzgametoo. My friend Lizzy invited me to join as their veteran cosplayer. Feels pretty weird being the expert on that stuff, but I guess after over a decade I’ve seen enough and done enough to know how to help beginners. I just hope I don’t swear too much.

The other fun news is that I will be judging the costume contest at the Phoenix Night Market this coming Saturday and Sunday April 20 and 21st. I’m so happy to be able to step into this role again as I miss it dearly. I do hope we have a decent turn out and I can’t wait to eat some stuff there!!!

I’ll also be attending Phoenix Fan Fusion May 25, but probably only Saturday unless I’m working a booth. So please say hi if you see me! It’s gotten so very big, but I hope to see some familiar faces in the giant crowd.