Convention Panels

I’m available to do many convention events. I am an experienced masquerade judge, able to accurately judge not only sewing work, but leather, applique, patterning, painting, wood, and wig work.

I also offer the following panels:

Fabric University– Learn about the difference of man made versus natural fibers, how weaves make a difference, what fabric should be used for what and even some techniques for manipulating fabric such as smocking, pleating, and applique.

Underneath it All: A panel on basic corsetry methods including patterns, materials and websites. For the second half the panel focuses on hoop skirts and petticoats, were to find them, make them or alter them.

Smocking Demo: A panel to demonstrate some basic smocking techniques where the audience can join in. Each person will be given a fat quarter with grid, a sewing kit and directions (to follow along with and take home).

Ballgown 101: A panel about the feared ballgown. This panel approaches the best way for beginners to tackle the big dress. Patterns, styles and materials will be covered as well as ways to store and travel with the big poof.

Boot Covers: This panel covers a few different ways to do boot covers, from completely removable covers to to foam covers. Includes way to add zippers, elastic, or snaps and the best way to pattern and fit.

Sustainable Cosplay : This panel talks about the textile industry and fast fashion/mass production and how we as a consumer can make better choices when buying our cosplay or materials. How we can reduce waste and barter/donate materials to reduce consumption. Education is the first step.

Foam for beginners: This panel will talk about foam, how density and thickness matter for each project. We will talk about adhesives, sanding and finishing foam. The end can cover specific questions about their own projects.

Sewing Basics: This panel will cover the basics you need to know to start sewing right. Needle types, machine recommendations, great scissors, tools and more. +

Pattern Altering: This panel goes into some basic pattern altering techniques such as adjusting darts, bust size, pants and redrafting collars to get that anime point.

Reading Commercial Patterns: This is an in depth beginners panel that goes into reading the envelope and directions for commerical patterns. It has props and a thorough PowerPoint presentation.

Corsetry 101: This panel goes into the making of corsets for beginners. Supplies are brought in to show the difference for types of boning, busks, fabric, grommets and more. Example corsets are also brought in and shown.

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