Mikki has been sewing for over 12 years and has won many awards in costume creations. She has also sewn for the Make a Wish Foundation, personal clients, and various child theaters around her hometown. She can do formal costumes, foam armor, wooden weapons and can use thermoplastics. She is opening up commission slots, only about 3 at a time depending on deadlines. If you are interested PLEASE read below and then decide if you’d like to go further. 

Vash the Stampede

The price of the item will depend on the complexity, the material (and the cost of said materials), and an estimated timeline for completion (most full costumes are in the $500- $1000 range). Once all of that is sorted and we agree on a price, I will require a deposit of 30% of the total price (including the $20 consultation fee–for my time spent on the initial consultation instead of other commissions), before any materials can be purchased and the rest upon completion of the project. I will take installment payments depending on the project and time line. 

You’ll get photos and progress updates, discussing each detail of the costume (and any issues that may come up) to ensure you get what you want! I can also send you samples (or at least photos) of the fabric choices so you can decide which ones you’d prefer. As you know I am a fabric nut and I can find whatever you need and also offer suggestions for what fabric would work best. As for fit, I will make a muslin mock-up and send it to you to confirm fit before I start the real thing (this step can be skipped for time constraints, but I don’t recommend it).

Nausicaa Blade

I do not accept returns after the commission has officially started and materials have been purchased, but I will accept a cancellation (for extenuating circumstances) within one week of the initial consultation fee, for a refund, but once the materials have been purchased and the project has officially started, all deposits are non-refundable. If you have any possibility of extenuating circumstances, please discuss this with me before I finalize the quote and before you pay the deposit. 

I have won numerous awards for craftsmanship and I love details and fine craftsmanship with high quality materials. I can also make mens costumes, kids costumes, I can work with leather for jackets or vests, I can also make prop pieces like the ones shown above (with different price points). I have made spandex jumpsuits, wedding dresses, suit jackets and lolita dresses. 

Bucky Barnes

If you are still interested please follow this link to purchase a quote and guarantee yourself a spot.