Software Review Wild Ginger Pattern master V7

I recently decided to invest in some patterning software. My main goal was to save time, it’s easier to alter patterns than draft them from scratch (for me) so I decided to do some research. My goal was to find something not super expensive that was simple to use with plus size options. I ended up going with Wild Ginger because you could purchase software separately so I could only invest in Menswear or lingerie or kids if I so chose. They have a ton of videos on how to use their product and not expensive at all, it was even on sale when I purchased it.

I ended up getting three collections, the menswear, women’s wear boutique (daily wear, formal ad historical) and women’s knits. I mostly love this software and I’m going to go through what I love and what I don’t love so much.

The Complications with Comparisons

So cosplay has really changed in the past decade mainly because of social media. It has many pros and cons, as it allows us to meet, see and learn from other cosplayers around the world. Along with this knowledge comes the nagging thee voice in your head, wondering why you aren’t as perfect as “so and so.” Some of us struggle with this in our daily lives anyway, our confidence isn’t as strong as we wish it was, and so we keep looking at comparisons thinking we should be more like ______. But the truth is, no one is perfect and social media is a pretty blatant liar. Pictures are filtered and photoshopped so we don’t even know what a normal face looks like, we wish we looked more like the picture of OURSELVES on social media. I’m pretty bad at this, I am often inspired by other amazing cosplayers and happy to learn from them, but also feel like I’ve let myself down because I don’t have the followers they do, or the motivation. I wish I could stream and do photoshoots and repost photos all while maintaining a job and life. But I just can’t, AND THAT’S OK! I am not able to rely on my own feelings to be able to stream every week. Sometimes, I just really don’t want to, or I’d rather work on something else, like painting. I’m coming to terms with that. But I know I’m not the only one who compares themselves. It’s a work in progress. Acknowledge that your progress and your life is going good, and you are making progress of your own, within your own life bubble. If you can be happy with that, good. Someone over there is making cool stuff in their bubble, good for them! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with you. Enjoy your bubble. Be the bubble. Love the bubble.

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